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    Message from Linda on 4/18 2011, 15:27 -08:00
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    Field name not defined in database

      Please explain why I continue to get the following error message even though I have defined all of the fields in the database. (There are only three fields so I am certain that I have defined all three.)

      [ Error: Field Name not defined in database /lincoln_usd/main
      Reason: The field is not defined in the database. Maybe you have just mistyped the query?

      Thank you for any ideas.


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    Message from William S on 5/8 2011, 07:27 -05:00

    A field linked to a second database

      I am creating a music database. For one of the fields I created "Tracks", I would like to be able to open up or connect to a second DB where I can populate the tracks/songs.

      I do not want this information to show on the first DB as it would be too cluttered; and I want to maintain a clean output page.

      Is something like this possible in baseportal?

      Thank you sincerely,
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    Message from Claus on 5/9 2011, 20:10 +01:00

    Re: A field linked to a second database

      >Is something like this possible in baseportal?



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    Message from William on 5/10 2011, 14:28 -05:00

    Re: A field linked to a second database


      How would I go about doing this? FYI, i have created the second database where the tracks are listed but would like to view them from my main database.

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