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    Message from J.E. on 6/24 2011, 14:47 +00:00

    Domain name

      I want to link my database to a domain name. how might I do this? many thanks

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    Message from Keiron on 7/9 2011, 16:37 +00:00
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    iframe not working?

      I use an iframe to embed my database into my website. It has worked correctly in the past but now clicking on search drops users back to the baseportal site rather than keeping them in the iframe. Have there been changes to baseportal that might have done this?
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    Message from Keiron on 7/10 2011, 08:44 +00:00

    Re: iframe not working?

      Solved it ... it was the web browser I was using - OmniWeb - the other browsers are fine :-)
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