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    Message from mbel on 3/19 2012, 06:29 +00:00

    Calculating Sum

      How can I calculate the sum of a column for specific condition? For example, I have a text field: "Comittee", a number field: "Number of Volunteers", and checkboxes: "January 10" and "January 11". I would like to sum up the values in "Number of Volunteers" each Committee has entered for January 10. In other words, add up all the values entered in "Number of Volunteers" for January 10. How do I do this?

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    Message from Willie Ibarra on 3/28 2012, 08:08 -07:00
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    Integration into my website

      I am trying your web database and I created a handiman profile database. I am trying to intergate to my website which Im currently building but I can't find the page wehre I Can get the html code? Can you show me where? Thanks
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