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    Message from Syed on 6/12 2012, 18:27 +00:00
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    User Access

      How I can add new user to the Database under my account and give them permission to access ?

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    Message from Wais Andeesh on 6/15 2012, 05:17 +04:30
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    Modify Problem of users in database

      Dear Sir,
      With due repect, i have made database that i need which every one put their information in database no one can make changes on another profile, just the user of entry could able to change his or her profile.

      or every one should make user when they are opening the database page.

      Please guide me accordingly

      Best Regards
      Wais Andeesh
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    Message from Claus on 6/19 2012, 17:59 +01:00

    Re: Modify Problem of users in database

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