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    Message from Keiron on 3/18 2013, 16:34 +00:00
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    Re: Colour of links

      Worked beautifully - thanks

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    Message from Keiron on 3/14 2013, 22:07 +00:00
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    Colour of links

      Is there any way to influence the colours of links in databases - we can easily change fonts/ background colours etc - but I want to change the colours of links to match the css in my website.
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    Message from Sander on 3/18 2013, 10:49 +00:00

    Re: Colour of links

      Yes, use a div and some css for links

      #baseportal a {color:red}
      <div id=baseportal>
      <do action=all....>

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    Message from kerry on 3/8 2018, 01:27 +00:00

    Re: Colour of links

      yes there is a very simple cure
      use css and styles formatting.
      try your question on the net try something like
      links colors w3c
      youll find it
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