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    Message from Keiron on 3/15 2013, 09:53 +00:00
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    Purchasing Base Portal

      When I look at the documentation about purchasing Base Portal for my own server I get this error:

      The requested URL /bpliz_doku.html was not found on this server.


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    Message from mbel on 3/19 2013, 04:02 +00:00

    Field Entry Restriction

      How would I restrict field entry conditions using the following "if" code:

      if ($_put{Last_Name} <contains the word "name">)


      if ($_put{Last_Name} <contains a numeric>)

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    Message from Sander on 3/28 2013, 15:54 +00:00

    Re: Field Entry Restriction

      if($_put{Last_Name}=~/^\d+$/) #only numeric signs

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    Message from mbel on 3/17 2015, 06:04 +00:00

    Re: Field Entry Restriction

      Thank you that worked if the second field is only numeric. What is the proper code to not allow alpha-numeric entry (only allow alpha characters)?
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    Message from mbel on 4/27 2016, 03:18 +00:00

    Re: Field Entry Restriction

      Hi. Can someone help with my question above? I'm trying to restrict the field so that it does not allow a combination of alphanumeric. In other words, only allow alpha. Thanks in advance.
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