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    Message from CK Loh on 11/1 2013, 09:34 +08:00


      Need help to provide steps on how to perform debug. I have coded Perl programming in baseportal, and need to do debug to see where goes wrong. Can't find in FAQ. Please advise.

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    Message from dashiell jeff on 1/9 2014, 14:27 +08:00

    please remove my bio-data

      can u please remove my bio-data on your site.
      when i browse my name on the net it appears that my bio-data is downloadable from your site,even i am not registered on your site. i dont know where you got my file... for privacy matters kindly remove it. thank you
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    Message from Claus on 1/20 2014, 11:55 +01:00

    Re: please remove my bio-data

      on what site?
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    Message from Sander on 3/20 2015, 16:11 +00:00

    Re: please remove my bio-data

      I think, you have used a jobfinder portal which uses our databases to store the data.
      I've just deleted your file
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