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    Message from kerry on 7/4 2016, 13:58 +00:00

    baseportal not safe

      i quit baseportal because
      in the rights section of baseportal you can add read write modify delete
      but you cant add the delete rights without adding the modify rights to
      my records have been geting deleted. but what about modify

      if i am forced to use modify with delete or nuthing
      what if i made like a few thousand records. if somone can delete my records
      then somone can use modify to change what i put in a record. and i wont
      know it unless i look at every record every day. and dont baseportal say
      that all data made by users belomg to the server owner ceo of baseportal.
      so i am forced to allow whoever is deleteing my records to modify them to
      in order to use base portal. baseportal is not safe to use

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    Message from Bary Allan Gold on 8/22 2016, 23:12 -05:00

    REBOL to

      Hello. The web site is a DBMS system that allows one to not only construct DBMSs but has a programming language that is embedded in a web page and also allows PERL.

      I have literally used the system for many years and it is very stable.

      In order to construct an application, one must log into the site with e-mail and password.

      I would like to use REBOL to create a web page that runs under their system. That means creating an "htx" file (instead of "hamlet"). My problem is that I can not figure out how to "log into the site" while running in REBOL.

      Does anyone have an idea?
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    Message from Bary Allan Gold on 8/22 2016, 23:16 -05:00

    Re: REBOL to

      Mistake: should say "html" instead of "hamlet".
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    Message from thomas on 8/23 2016, 10:38 +00:00

    Re: REBOL to

      i don`t know rebol, but each template you create in baseportal is a htx file.
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