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    Message from Anamika Sharma on 1/28 2022, 11:49 +00:00

    Bangalore Call Girls

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    Message from Eric Brewer on 7/8 2021, 12:46 +00:00
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    What to keep quiet about at a job interview

      It's not good to lie, we were told as children. There are also lies to save lives, we realized as we grew older. But what about employment? Is it possible to deceive a potential employer and what is better to keep silent about at the interview?
      All secrets come out into the open.
      Trite but true: one of the main rules of a successful job interview is not to deceive the recruiter. Attributing to yourself responsibilities that you did not perform, skills that you do not really own, jobs that do not exist - all this is an absolute taboo for a person set up for a successful career. An experienced hiring manager can easily spot your lies - he has plenty of relevant techniques in his arsenal.

      But even if he fails to do so, the candidate who got the job by deception probably won't have anything good to look forward to. Colleagues will quickly realize that, for example, his alleged "fluent English" is actually not far from high school level, and "extensive experience in organizing events" - just the ability to order coffee in time for the participants of business meetings.

      I told you about one of the rules during the interview, if you want to facilitate the job search, find a comfortable work environment and more, Jooble platform can help you , the link to it you will find in my biо.
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