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    Message from Claus on 6/21 2010, 09:03 +01:00

    Re: Create archive

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    Message from Harald B on 6/16 2010, 21:18 +00:00

    Create archive

      Dear Sander

      Could you please fix the create archive problem in
      I need to transfere data from to

      Thank you.
      Harald B
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    Message from Sander on 6/18 2010, 15:02 +00:00

    Re: Create archive

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    Message from Sander on 6/18 2010, 15:49 +00:00

    Re: Create archive

      quite late but your fix concerning norwegian language is implemented now. Please try it ;)
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    Message from Harald B on 6/20 2010, 14:40 +00:00

    Re: Create archive

      Thanks a lot Sander!

      I have tried it,
      language=no is no working OK in both and and so do create archive.

      Best regards
      Harald B
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