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    Message from izman hawk on 8/18 2010, 05:28 +00:00

    how to sOrt data ?

      how to arrange already inserted data. is it possible?

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    Message from Jack's on 9/13 2010, 11:47 +00:00

    “Updating data base on a website using "" web data base program”

      Years ago I input my data for my alumni institution on a website using "" web data base program. There are no "modify", "renew", "delete", or "contact us" commands/buttons in it's pages. The name of the website is "DATA BASE ALUMNI SMP N 30 JAKARTA".
      Now, I want to update and/or erase some of it. But I couldn't find any access to do such. What should I do?
      Please help me. Thank you...
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    Message from Claus on 9/16 2010, 17:08 +01:00

    Re: “Updating data base on a website using "" web data base program”

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