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    Message from Bill schick on 12/3 2010, 19:23 +00:00

    base portal use in web site

      I would like to creat a web site where researchers could enter records in 5-6 fields such as area of interest, name, dates locations and contact information. I would like the data searcarchable by any field other other than contact info, which would remain hidden. I would like the program to automaticaly add an identification to each record.I would like to charge a fee to a user that wishes to contact another user that has entered information that is of interest to them. Can base portal intigrate with pay pal or another e commerce service

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    Message from Eugenia Brock on 12/6 2010, 06:26 -06:00

    Will baseportal do this?

      I had a question about whether BasePortal could be used for my non-profit organization's needs...

      I need a database that will manage and run reports on our contacts for us, such as donors, volunteers, staff, and grant recipients. We need to be able to link them to events they have gone to, as well as their individual one-time and recurring donations. The problem I'm having is finding a database that will allow me to categorize and sub-categorize these contacts, as well as allowing one contact to be in multiple categories (such as someone being a volunteer and a donor at the same time, without their being two accounts for the same person).

      Could I make something like this on BasePortal, so that there are different profiles with different info fields for people in the database?
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    Message from Claus on 2/7 2011, 21:24 +01:00

    Re: Will baseportal do this?

      Yes, it's possible, but not for free...;)

      Rolling Stones:

      You Can't Always Get What You Want


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