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    Message from Keiron on 7/9 2011, 16:37 +00:00
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    iframe not working?

      I use an iframe to embed my database into my website. It has worked correctly in the past but now clicking on search drops users back to the baseportal site rather than keeping them in the iframe. Have there been changes to baseportal that might have done this?

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    Message from Russell White on 8/19 2011, 09:43 +00:00

    Demo confusing

      I cannot get past step two. Step three does not match the instructions and submit takes me back to step two.
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    Message from Claus on 9/15 2011, 17:41 +01:00

    Re: Demo confusing

      >I cannot get past step two

      Please explain what you mean...
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    Message from Pro on 10/27 2011, 19:29 +00:00

    Importing data

      This don't seem to work. The choose file button is not selectable.
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