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    Message from Mark Waterfield on 4/30 2008, 16:16 +00:00


      Hi. Is it possible to create forms with sub-forms using Baseportal?

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    Message from David Walker on 5/7 2008, 19:29 +00:00


      I have purchase a copy of the software ans we are having major problems, how do you get any sort of support

      I will report to paypal if no one replies and offers some sort of help
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    Message from ritsch on 5/8 2008, 08:14 +01:00

    Re: Support

      You will have to contact

      Probably the german help-forum

      will help to resolve your problems.
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    Message from David Walker on 5/8 2008, 15:53 +00:00

    Re: Support

      I sent 3 email and dont get a reply

      Will try the german help forum
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