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    Message from Michael on 7/30 2008, 14:46 +00:00

    Sports DB

      I want to create a baseball db where I can input a team and then have each inning on a separate page (for use with a mobile phone, hence the one inning pp) along with the total runs for each team. Does anyone have anything similar? Thanks.

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    Message from Karina on 7/31 2008, 02:13 +00:00

    Sort question

      I have my sort set up under <do all as

      sort^=School sortfields=*

      Whenever the database is sorted by the field, 'School,' I would like the field 'Course Title' to be sorted as well. Is there an easy way to do this or do I have to use a loop? I tried sort^=School, Course\ Title but that didn't work. Any suggestions?
      Thanks in advance.
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    Message from xfce on 8/3 2008, 10:50 +00:00

    Re: Sort question


       sort^=School,Course\ Title
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    Message from Karina on 8/6 2008, 03:18 +00:00

    Re: Sort question

      I tried your suggestion but it is working weird. When I first enter the database web page it is sorted correctly. However, when I try to sort by 'course title' now, it defaults to sorting by 'school' then 'course title.' I have to sort be a field other than 'school' and 'course title' before I sort by 'course title' to get it to sort correctly. It is very weird. Any suggestions?
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