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    Message from Reshi on 9/6 2008, 19:54 +00:00

    Data entries not recorded etc.

      I am not a very tech savvy person but i recently created a simple 11 column database with about 50 entries using base portal. today i found a number of problems with my database:

      1) data in my 11th column has been lost.

      2) data that appears in the "administrator" version, don't show up in the display version (my unique url).

      3) changes i make as an administrator (e.g. moving position of fields) don't show up in display version.

      4)the sort function doesn't work (that hasn't worked since the beginning).

      are there simple ways to fix this or is this just a flawed platform that i shouldn 't waste time with?

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    Message from Richard on 9/7 2008, 19:56 +00:00


      There are several references to the "library", but I don't see a link to the "library" anywhere. Can someone tell me where it is?
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