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    Message from Claus on 1/26 2009, 11:51 +01:00

    Re: Need Guidance in Importing .csv

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    Message from mbel on 1/24 2009, 01:04 +00:00

    Need Guidance in Importing .csv

      I am having difficulty in properly importing data from a .csv file. I have all the fields in the .csv file matching what is in the database, but all the data gets appended to the database something like this in the first field: Yvonne,Almore,,,2009,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

      I browsed for the .csv file and left all the fields as is in the import form (in database - management) as the instructions says. Tried different ways also, but it still won't work for me.

      Any help?
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    Message from mbel on 2/5 2009, 23:30 +00:00

    Re: Need Guidance in Importing .csv

      I don't speak or read German but it was illustrated well enough for me to understand, so thanks, Claus!
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