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    Message from mbel on 2/6 2009, 23:47 +00:00

    Create additional message to "no entries found"

      After a search is submitted and the record is not found, the Baseportal standard message is "no entries found". Is there some Perl code that can be used to add an additional message on the screen, like "Please contact so and so for any questions."?

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    Message from Carl on 2/23 2009, 19:38 +00:00

    404 not found error

      I made a database that only accepts entries.

      I tried making an entry into the database on the url provided, but when I submit it says that the next page cannot be found.

      what can I do?
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    Message from Sander on 2/24 2009, 22:05 +00:00

    Re: 404 not found error

      Please post your url.
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