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    Message from Harald B on 5/10 2009, 21:38 +01:00

    Show Id in a loop

      This code in perl works fine

      get "Id==*";
      while (get_next)
      {out "$Id - $name<br>";}

      But this code does not

      <do action=all listtype=- language=en>
      <loop code=perl>
      out "$Id - $name<br>";

      The Id is 0 for all records.

      How can I get the correct Id for each record in a loop?

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    Message from Avi Goltzman on 5/17 2009, 14:12 +02:00

    general understanding questions

      Hi Support,
      I'm support manger and i would like to build simple database that will contain customers complaints and the solution for each.
      My questions are:
      After creating new database how can other company colleague access the database? is there any web access?
      it's not very clear for me, sorry, I read all guids but i didn't find the solution for that.
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