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    Message from MJones on 8/11 2009, 18:41 +00:00

    Export function no longer working

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    Message from Sander on 8/12 2009, 19:38 +00:00 on a new server

      in the last days we moved to another server.
      Some errors could occur (like export and languages), we will fix them asap in the next days.

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    Message from Lisa McKay on 8/25 2009, 13:57 +00:00

    Re: on a new server

      Is there any time estimate as to when we might be able to export database entries? I have people waiting for data, I'd like to be able to tell them when they might be able to expect it.

      Many thanks!
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    Message from Sander on 8/27 2009, 08:24 +00:00

    Re: on a new server

      We have fixed this problem.
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