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    Message from Claus on 8/19 2010, 11:51 +01:00

    Re: option fields

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    Message from mesut on 8/27 2009, 11:02 +02:00

    option fields

      pls help me
      I want to describe a field as option in a database that values may be changed

      field : SS
      type : option
      values : $x ? '$x' ?
      how can I do this?
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    Message from Sander on 8/28 2009, 08:22 +00:00

    Re: option fields

      please can you describe it in other words? I don't understand.
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    Message from mesut on 8/28 2009, 10:48 +02:00

    Re: option fields

      I have a variable "SEC" as "option type"
      I have described the values of option in the database.
      but I want to update from the webpage in baseportal according to the number of list.
      SAy option values are
      when the webpage loaded I obtain the number of class for aaa, bbb, ccc and if the class aaa is reached at the limit then I want to delete it in list of the option values.
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    Message from Sander on 9/3 2009, 20:28 +00:00

    Re: option fields

      I think, there is no possibility. Only by hand...
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    Message from Izman hawk on 8/18 2010, 15:50 +08:00

    Re: option fields

      values in the option field is quite limited. cud it be more than 100. for example, if i want to put 'list of county'.

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