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    Message from Gian on 9/5 2009, 11:55 +00:00

    Sort parameter not working anymore

      Hi everyone,
      In my database:

      the "sort" parameter action stoped working properly. I didin`t change anything for a database that worked correct for years...
      Any suggest?

      <do action=all sort^=-Year,-Month,-Day db=performances range^=0,20 listfields=Year,Month,Day,Title,Type,Country,Location allfields=Year,Month,Day,Title,Type,Country,Location,Info formfields=Year,Month,Day,Title,Type,Country,Location,Info showamount=all,sel selectbrowse=top buttonbrowse=top pagebrowse=top listtype=list language=en detail=link search=link input=link localparams=+>

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