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    Message from User on 9/18 2009, 14:52 +00:00

    What's going on?

      Was unable to access the database yesterday and on and off couple of days earlier this week. Is there something going on with baseportal? If so, has it been resolved?


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    Message from Rich on 9/23 2009, 02:02 +00:00

    How to control fields displayed on Database page?

      Unlike the controls available in Settings->Output for various outputs like List, Detail, Input, Search.... I cannot find a way to set the number and order of fields in the Database window that displays multiple rows and has the Modify and Delete actions. I would like to add more fields on this display. How can I do that?
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    Message from xfce on 9/23 2009, 06:45 +00:00

    Re: How to control fields displayed on Database page?

      There is no way to change the number of fields shown in this admin-section window.

      The order of fields can be changed in the Fields window -> "Pos:"
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