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    Message from leviathan on 11/21 2009, 11:28 +00:00

    insert the data via url request

      May I have the ability to insert the data into the database by using the url request?

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    Message from cheekwan on 11/22 2009, 21:15 +08:00

    detail link to another page


      I would deeply appreciate if someone can guide me to do the below:

      When I click the detail link in Page A which display database A, instead of it display all the detail fields, I would like to go to another page(Page B) with another database (Database B) which are key-related, and display/filter only information of Database B.

      Appreciate I get help for this. Thanks.
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    Message from Claus on 11/23 2009, 13:23 +01:00

    Re: detail link to another page

      Hi, take a look here (only in German)

      related fields:

      An other way is, to create your own perl-script and your own relation-keys


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