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    Message from Jean Hartmann on 11/24 2009, 10:01 -05:00

    Inquiry regarding custom development project

      We are a 501(c)(3) funded by Children Services Council of Palm Beach County, FL --- called Nonprofits First, Inc. and serves the nonprofit community in the areas of mgmt support services --- inclusive of business / operations / HR / finance / IT planning & execution.

      We have an agency certification program that has been in effect since 2005 --- which ensures that nonprofit agencies operate within certain mandatory administrative standards and best business practices within PBC. We are looking to migrate online this certification assessment tool (CAT), and develop a repository for the certification data, as well as building additional web-based surveys that can supplement the eAssessment system (our vision of the online CAT).

      We would like to send you our Invite for Negotiation (ITN) for the eA system --- otherwise known as request for proposal/quote.

      Can you advise if you are the appropriate contact to receive this ITN, as well as your contact information and mailing address?

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    Message from Claus on 11/25 2009, 11:40 +01:00

    Re: how can i change from german to english


      your Browser? Language basportal-Templates and database?
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