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    Message from Jeff on 12/21 2009, 23:16 +00:00

    Do action with 'or'

      I'm trying to create output based on an or command such as <do action=list db=GCBA_HISTORY PPG==* Season==2008 & PTS\>1399 | Games\>69 sort=- range=0,20 listfields=Player,GCBA,PPG>

      where the Season always must = 2008 but the PTS are over 1399 or the Games are over 69. It seems to work fine when I just use ands, but with or the output comes back with a few people in order, then starts over. Looks like it starts with those over 1399 PTS but not over 69 games then lists those with over 69 games.

      Any thoughts on how to get the or condition to work? Thanks.

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    Message from Robert on 12/22 2009, 15:06 -05:00

    Data Upload to baseportal

      despite numerous efforts I have not been successful in uploading my data. It is in an Excel spreadsheet that I have saved as a .csv file, but my fields will not populate on the site... Anyone got any ideas on the best way to upload?

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