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    Message from Catherine-Claire on 2/13 2010, 21:23 +00:00

    baseportal: Availability concerns

      Greetings Claus,
        I am Catherine-Claire. You may remember me from our former business relations during my considerable stint with Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas. While I have a modicum of experience using your service with pleasure, I am currently attempting to assist a colleague in need of a gratis web-based, database provider which would allow for multiple, secure, off-site management and editing. My desire to endorse to this medium sized, Mexico-based party is pre-empted by my concerns regarding its stability and availability. Can you offer me any assurances their company could depend on consistency, availability and reliability for end-users of very limited database skills? Or perhaps, with all things considered, advice as to whether your service would be a suitable solution for this company? And lastly, I would ask that you please educate me on the current status of your company and this particular software. Its progression, maintenance and most recent update(s).
      Thanking you in advance,

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    Message from CK Loh on 2/16 2010, 11:00 +08:00

    Input Variable

      I need help on this.

      Please enter: <input type="text" name="Word:="><p>>

      <input type="submit" value="send">

      How to made the VALUE of variable $Word remains, without saving it to the database, after data fetching is done?

      For example,

      Input--> TEST

      Base on the input, on the first fetch of range 0:10000, I manage to get the result that I want taking value TEST as the filtering criteria comparing with the stored data information.

      However, on the second fetch, the $Word value no longer is TEST and become <SPACES>, thus on the second fetch of range 10001:20000, I can't get the desired result due to using <SPACES> instead of value TEST as filtering criteria with the stored data information.

      How to make the input variables remained static after performing the query, so that for the next query the same value can be used?

      Thank you very much.

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    Message from xfce on 2/16 2010, 07:36 +00:00

    Re: Input Variable

      It is possible to add the variable to the URL.

      When you fetch the new range add "Word=$Word".

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    Message from CK Loh on 2/16 2010, 16:38 +08:00

    Re: Input Variable


      Thank you for your prompt advice.

      Just one thing, using application/x-www-form-urlencoded as far as I know is not suitable for dealing with large quantity of data.

      My example, if not clear, is actually dealing with 10,000 of data range.

      Is adding variable using URL is suitable in this case?

      I am a newbie for html and PERL programming. Please bear with me, thanks.
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    Message from xfce on 2/16 2010, 09:20 +00:00

    Re: Input Variable

       Input--> TEST --> $Word

      The URL will only contain the value of $Word (TEST). Without any reference to your data range.
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    Message from CK Loh on 2/17 2010, 04:32 +00:00

    Re: Input Variable


      Problem solved. Thank you very much.
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