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    Message from Jim west on 4/18 2010, 21:22 +00:00
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    data numbers

      A person in Germany copied one of my DBF databases into BasePortal, and got me hooked. I would have to use any free version, and just noticed on the subscription page that the $9.95 a month plan is limited to 10,000 records. I am already past 30,000. Am I wasting my time trying to use BasePortal for free with such a large database ?

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    Message from CK Loh on 4/23 2010, 00:08 +08:00

    do_all without the action column to modify and delete

      If I use do action all in the <html>, I have no problem to take out the action column, by setting the database access right.

      But how to do it, when I use do_all in <perl>? Thanks.
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    Message from Claus on 4/22 2010, 17:13 +01:00

    Re: do_all without the action column to modify and delete

      do_all"listfields=-action,fieldx,fieldy,etc ... allfields=-action,fieldx,fieldy,etc...



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    Message from CK Loh on 4/22 2010, 17:00 +00:00

    Re: do_all without the action column to modify and delete


      Many thanks, it works.

      BTW, can you please show me how to display my own description of the field title on top of the table, instead of displaying the field name.

      I am using do_all.
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