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    Message from Chris Greene on 12/19 2002, 17:39 +00:00

    message board date format in German - want English?

      How do I make the date format of my message board display in English instead of German?

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    Message from Bernard S Giloni on 12/25 2002, 15:21 -07:00
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    Cost to use BasePortal

      I'm interested in using BasePortal on a number of my sites but definitely don't want any ads. What is the cost without the ads?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/5 2003, 13:38 +01:00

    Re: Cost to use BasePortal

      Right now we don't put ads on the pages and it will take months before we will do this. When its time the rent versions without ads with the lowest terms will probably cost something about $5, maby $10 per month... In the near future we will offer 2 versions to buy which will cost $298 (standard) and $1198 (professional).
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