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    Message from Sander on 3/12 2003, 13:05 +00:00

    Re: Adding a .gif or.jpg file

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    Message from mike wallace on 3/9 2003, 10:17 +00:00
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    Adding a .gif or.jpg file

      I am trying to build a site that will include details of properties for sale is it posssible to include a field with a .gif or .jpg picture of properties ?
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    Message from Jason on 3/25 2003, 05:27 +00:00

    Re: Adding a .gif or.jpg file

      I read the bit about posting a link to an image - but can I actually upload a .gif or .jpg to my baseportal database using the HTML "browse" form functionality? How would I do that?

      If not on the free version - would that functionality be available on the standard version which I can purchase and install on my server?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 4/2 2003, 18:41 +01:00

    Re: Adding a .gif or.jpg file - yes...

      ...thats possible in the purchase version. There is a new field type called "File" with which you can upload images or any other type of files...
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