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    Message from Zoltan on 4/3 2003, 15:52 -05:00

    Importing an existing database

      Does the free version allow importing existing databases ?

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    Message from Peter Allen on 4/8 2003, 08:34 +00:00

    Pocket PC

      Whilst I can read my test db that I have setup, when I try and submit a new entry from my IPAQ PocketPC device, the details do not get submitted - is there a fix for this - we really need this to work from this platform, and it seems almost there!

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 4/14 2003, 02:25 +01:00

    Re: Pocket PC

      Dear Peter...

      This is difficult. We haven't tested baseportal on a PocketPC and we have no experience with this device. I don't know what browser you have there (I guess MS Internet Explorer), but the HTML code baseportal generates is standard HTML which would work in Netscape 1.0 (if necessary).

      But if doesn't work on a PocketPC we unfortunately can't help you... :-(

      Best regards,

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