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    Message from till on 10/18 2002, 10:51 +00:00

    Re: How do I access the created database on my web page?

      itīs easy. i assume youīve already created a database and the output page. at the directory/home apge within baseportal you find a syboml of a page in the filelist. it could be named "main" or whatever name you gave your databse.
      click the name and youīll be redirected to a page "Edit HTML ... small ... medium ... large"
      there you see
      (in my case..)
       this ist he url to include the database in your webpages. in a form like:

      <a href="">To my database</a>

      if you donīt want the baseportal url to appear on your pages, simply include the link in a frame set.

      thatīs all.


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    Message from Zeeshan Mirza on 10/16 2002, 13:21 +00:00

    How do I access the created database on my web page?


      I am having difficulty accessing my database via my web page.

      How do I import the database into my web page?

      ie - is there specific html code I need to use such as ing src = and then the URL where my databse is stored?

      please can you clear this for me

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    Message from tim on 10/16 2002, 15:55 +00:00

    Re: How do I access the created database on my web page?

      i dont know if i really do understand your question, but u cannot embed the database in your webpage.
      actually its suposed to be the other way around.
      you create a database which only can be accessed and displayed thru an webpage that is created and located on the baseportal server (on your account). you can create unlimited pages there.
      all html tags work as well as perl commands.
      this page can be inluded very easily in your website (eg. thru a frame or a simple link)

      once more my recommendation:
      read the FAQ or the documentation!

      the concept is very easy to understand.
      once you got u'll love it.

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