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    Message from felechia on 10/19 2002, 10:12 +00:00

    i need a buddy to help me on all this web lengo

      hello i need someones help,alot.i joined the group well now i got advertise to make anything.I dont no nothing like i need to.Like if i had a domain do i have to have all the stuff to sell are do i send them to the main page of the company from there.Theres more then is my domain name the same as email address arethe main page of the company.mymain address for the no my affilate number and page the company.see im lost.if the domain is diffrent then he other two how do i get e-m.Please if any want to help chat me threw this and be a key pal i would be so gratful!!!!!!!!!!!!and my family will love you to.sense i wont have to be online as much..felechia

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    Message from Bruce Robertson on 10/20 2002, 03:46 +00:00
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    Pricing of baseportal

      tryed you system
      think I is easy to learn and could be used by students
      could you send me a price for the baseportal program to run on linux

      Thanks Bruce

      Bruce Robertson
      Networking and Computer Technician
      Northern Lights School Division # 113
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/21 2002, 22:11 +00:00

    Re: Pricing of baseportal

      Right now we aren't ready with a version of baseportal to purchase - I hope we will in some weeks.

      But I can tell you that the price will be around $300, maybe $350...
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