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    Message from Anna on 10/23 2002, 17:53 +00:00

    Change color?

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    Message from Anna on 10/25 2002, 12:23 +00:00

    Proper html code

      Why don't you use proper html code?
      E.g. the right way to describe a background color is: bgcolor="#ffffff"; but you wright bgcolor=ffffff.
      I can't find the end tag of <html> and <body> when I edit the html code.
      ... and a lot more ...
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/28 2002, 12:09 +00:00

    Re: Proper html code

      a) Any browser I know understands "bgcolor=ffffff".
      b) ?? Every page generated by baseportal ends with </body></html>

      Anyway, you are totally free to use any HTML code you want in your templates - as proper as you like ;-)
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