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    Message from Anna on 1/12 2003, 22:33 +01:00

    Lost database!?

      I made something wrong when I was making some changes in my database.
      Now I have the following error message on my page:

      [ Error: Permission denied to read /fN_sept03/main ]
      [ Error: Unable to open /usr/local/httpd/baseportal_NOACCESS/fN_sept03/main ]
      [ Error: Unable to lock /fN_sept03/main ]

      Is there a possibility to find the database again? I had 47 entries from 47 different people ...
      Please can you help me!
      Best regards
      /Anna Hänninger, Sweden

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    Message from Lars-Erik on 1/20 2003, 13:41 +00:00

    Date problem

      Hi, I created a date field to be used with user input.
      Input and output formats are both Year-Month0-Day0.
      When creating entries, they come out with a day number value one (1) lower than expected.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/22 2003, 22:54 +01:00

    Re: Date problem

      I tried the same with the Input and Output formats you gave, but it works Ok for me - Maybe its because of the timezone? What timezone did you chose? The actual date is always GMT...
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    Message from Lars-Erik on 1/22 2003, 23:55 +01:00

    Re: Date problem

      Hi, I used GMT+1.
      It seems to work, i.e. output date is the same as the input day, if I set the date field to be GMT.
      But not otherwise...
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/27 2003, 02:17 +01:00

    Re: Date problem

      Maybe its the same bug Chris reported. Did you set the timezone to "User input" in the field definition?
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    Message from Chris on 1/24 2003, 17:23 -05:00

    Re: Date problem

      Im in -5:00 GMT that is U.S. Eastern Standard Time. That is the time zone I select for the "Date".
      When I enter test data, the table with the data in it shows the previous day. Fortunately, the field, "Date of Transport" is okay. I just entered some test data at: 17:22 EST. 01/24/2003. The entry in the table shows 01/23/2003.
      Please help.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/27 2003, 02:15 +01:00

    Re: Date problem

      Ok, I've reproduced this bug. It seems there is a problem if the "timezone" is set to "user input" - if set fix from you in the field definition it works fine.

      I will fix it, but unfortunately I'm totally busy for the next week. Pls. give me 1 week and it will work as it should... ;-)
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    Message from Arvin Poole on 6/10 2003, 20:59 -07:00

    Re: Date problem

      I just set up a database and was curious if the date problem has been resolved? I am in the GMT(-7) timezone and my output is still (-1) difference from the input.

      Please advise,
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 6/11 2003, 15:54 +01:00

    Re: Date problem

      This could be a summertime/wintertime problem which is not adressed from baseportal right now - do you have different times in summer/winter in your timezone?
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