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    Message from george on 9/18 2002, 18:35 +00:00
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    Free web site?

      I just opened this company and would like to join free web site which opened to this page. I followed the instructions as set now I can't find any web page? Can you help?

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    Message from Allan on 9/19 2002, 02:26 +00:00

    Ich spreche Deutsch nicht...I have a question.

      I have a question. Is this website a money making scam?????? Be honest now. Did you have to pay anything? I want a free forum for a church and can't pay anything. I can't afford to pay bills to use this site.
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    Message from Sander on 9/19 2002, 12:17 +00:00

    Re: Ich spreche Deutsch nicht...I have a question.

      no, you don't pay anything for this service. in the future it will be funded by advertising. aditionally there'll be a license-version and a isp-hosted-version with more features for money.

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