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    Message from Barry Fitzgerald on 9/20 2002, 16:20 +00:00

    associating database to page

      I'm a new user of baseportal. So please excuse my ignorance. The first hurdles always seem the highest. I have successfully set up a database and general page which works. I am now trying to set up additional pages. Although all files are in the same (main)directory I cannot get any of my new pages to access the database. I notice when I look at the setting of the page it says "(No associated database available)". I have tried <db=database> with no success. I know it's something very simple can some please put me out of my misery.

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    Message from Rajendra Pai on 9/20 2002, 19:20 +00:00
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    Difficulty in importing csv files

      When I tried importing csv files into the database I am getting fehler messages. What is the error that I am possible making. I have tried different combinations of separators, rows etc but it does not work.
      Please help.
      Thanks in advance
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    Message from Rajendra Pai on 9/20 2002, 19:29 +00:00

    More on Difficulty in importing csv files

      The failure message that appears is:
      [ Fehler: kein filelock fuer upload - /usr/local/httpd/baseportal/_f/il/_files/v9_rspdata.csv - ]

      What does it mean? and what do I do?
      Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Message from Sander on 9/21 2002, 00:44 +00:00

    Re: More on Difficulty in importing csv files

      now it works fine, the permissions of the directory was wrong. sorry ;-)
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