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    Message from wendy on 8/14 2004, 20:34 +00:00
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    how to delete from the user directory

      I have placed a few wrong entries in the directory and was wondering if i could delete the ones that are dead links

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    Message from Abey John on 9/12 2002, 09:04 +00:00

    Who owns baseportal?

      I've just done an initial browse through baseportal and it looks definitely the kind of stuff I am looking for to manage my sales program.

      Issues I have is -
      1. Who owns the software?
      2. What's the commitment of the company to support this site? I mean it shouldn't disappear on me all of a sudden :).
      3. When will the rent/license version be available in English? What sort of hosting requirements (db support, server side scripts etc) will I have when I deploy it on my webhost.
      4. Suppose I wish to move out of baseportal after a while what happends to my data? Will I get an export file? Do you have any data import facility?
      5. Finally, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Who's paying for it? I assume this is currently on trial and hence available free.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 9/12 2002, 15:15 +00:00

    Re: Who owns baseportal?

      1. The software is owned by a german (Berlin) based software company, called "baseportal GmbH" (which is similar to a "Ltd." I think).

      2. We have a good financial background ;-) In germany we are the top web-based database website with more than 45,000 registered users. won't disappear for a very long time ;-)

      3. In about 2-3 months. The rent version shall be hosted on the server, this means you don't need anything else. The license version needs Perl, nothing else. In germany there are different webhosters who offer baseportal in a bundle with their webspace - we will try to make such cooperations in the US as well...

      4. You can easily import and export any data (CSV format). You can find this under the "Management" menu bar of a database.

      5. Its not really a trial anymore because we are online with the same offer in germany since 2 years ;-) We understand the free version as a possibility for interested users to test our software. And hope they will rent or buy it later ;-) What will happen some day: We will include ad banners on the pages of the free version (like geocities does it), so you have to rent or buy it if you want it without ads. And the rent/buy versions will have additional features. ;-)

      Your questions are much about trust and trust can only be gained over time - we won't disappoint you ;-)
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    Message from Abey on 9/22 2002, 06:14 +00:00

    Re: Who owns baseportal?

      Thanks for the reassurance Christroph! Pls let me know when your rent/buy version is available. Will get around to those when I can get some commitment from my management/sales team to use baseportal.

      More questions, if you dont mind :) -

      1. How is data security managed? With 45K users, I'm sure there will be some enterprising hack who will be trying to dig in to the database structure and which can potentially lead to integrity compromise.

      2. Do you support https connections?

      3. For the moment, our view is that we would prefer to run base portal off our own webhost away from the main baseportal site. Do you have licensing models to accomodate this?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/1 2002, 01:11 +00:00

    Re: Who owns baseportal?

      > More questions, if you dont mind :) -

      No problem ;-)

      1. Yes, its a difficult job to write a secure software with the complexity and flexibility of baseportal (its programmable so there are a lot of possibilities for hackers ;-) ). There were some security holes approx. 1 year ago found by users - fortunately we have very nice and responsible users, so they tell us about holes so we could fix them. Of course you can never know if there aren't more security holes or bugs in the software - but you can be sure, a software used by >45K users every day since years is well tested ;-)

      2. Not with the free service. Maybe with the rent version....

      3. Yes, there will be a version you can download and install on your webserver. Costs will be probably at $300 for the standard version (there will be a professional version as well)

      The translation of the FAQ is ready now, you may find more answers there: ,-)

      Hope that helps ;-)
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