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    Message from Rafael on 3/18 2012, 10:33 -04:00
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    Connecting to other servers

      Suppose after a user enters their info on baseportal, I need to execute a script on another server, that would use some of the info, how would we do that?

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    Message from mbel on 3/19 2012, 06:29 +00:00

    Calculating Sum

      How can I calculate the sum of a column for specific condition? For example, I have a text field: "Comittee", a number field: "Number of Volunteers", and checkboxes: "January 10" and "January 11". I would like to sum up the values in "Number of Volunteers" each Committee has entered for January 10. In other words, add up all the values entered in "Number of Volunteers" for January 10. How do I do this?
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    Message from Claus on 3/23 2012, 16:36 +01:00

    Re: Calculating Sum

      How can I calculate the sum of a column?

          Assuming that the database contains the field "Points", use the following code for the total number of points:

          Total: <loop code=perl>$Total+$Points</loop>



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    Message from Claus on 3/24 2012, 06:50 +01:00

    Re: Calculating Sum

      It seems, there are some Mistakes in FAQ...;)

      <loop db=yourdatabase Date==$Date code=perl>
      Total: $Total



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