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    Message from Kelly Palmer on 10/5 2010, 15:10 -06:00
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    Cannot get access to my database

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    Message from Bill schick on 12/3 2010, 19:23 +00:00

    base portal use in web site

      I would like to creat a web site where researchers could enter records in 5-6 fields such as area of interest, name, dates locations and contact information. I would like the data searcarchable by any field other other than contact info, which would remain hidden. I would like the program to automaticaly add an identification to each record.I would like to charge a fee to a user that wishes to contact another user that has entered information that is of interest to them. Can base portal intigrate with pay pal or another e commerce service
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    Message from Claus on 2/7 2011, 21:23 +01:00

    Re: base portal use in web site

      Anything works, but it's a little bit difficult to programm it (I've done it a long time ago for a german Customer)

      I'm sure, nobody will do it for free


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