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    Message from sorry on 3/3 2010, 23:09 -08:00

    Re: Support mail ( not working!

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    Message from Carlos E. G. Razura on 3/3 2010, 16:45 -06:00

    Support mail ( not working!

      I've tried to reach a baseportal representative, and their mail is not working; this gets me a little worried about the service reliability. Here's my mail:

      Hello, I’m interested in getting a baseportal bp-standard package, and would like to know the benefits and extras I get. I have some questions for you;

      Ad free. The only ads I see are the baseportal logos and the ad at the end of the page (powered in 0.11s by Get your own Web Database - for FREE! ) Is that correct, or am I missing more ads?

      When I log in baseportal with me free account, I do it in the link into a “Login” area. If I get the baseportal entry package, will I be able to insert my company logo in the login area, instead of the baseportal logo? Is the blue line at the end, with the baseportal ad, going to disappear as well?

      Once the 3 months contract is over, if I don’t want to renew it, am I going to lose my databases, or they will remain the same, except for the ads, who will appear again?

      Do I get any additional benefits, software wise?

      Thank you, and excuse my poor English.
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    Message from Sander on 3/18 2010, 13:03 +00:00

    Re: Support mail ( not working!

      sorry, I'll check the emailaddress.

      after 4 weeks using baseportal, you will get google adsense on your templates. this ads will be removed too when you use the ads free account.

      login area: this is the standard loginform. if you want to customize, you have to protect your template with a user db and choose [execute page anyway] on "without correct Sign in"

      on top of your template put this code:

      logout if $cmd eq "logout";
      out <<EOF;
      Your html above the form

      out login;
      out <<EOF;
      Your html below the form
      return die();


      You need a logout link on your page: <a href="$_link&cmd=logout">logout</a>

      If you cancel your contract, only the ads will appear again on your pages.

      there aren't additional benefits.


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