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    Message from Marc Pinker on 9/14 2002, 18:56 +00:00

    Password Protection

      Can I protect a database with a more complex password scheme? I mean, I don't want to give everybody the password to ALL the databases--

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    Message from george on 9/18 2002, 18:35 +00:00
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    Free web site?

      I just opened this company and would like to join free web site which opened to this page. I followed the instructions as set now I can't find any web page? Can you help?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/1 2002, 00:42 +00:00

    Re: Free web site?

      I'm not sure I understood you: If you are looking for a free web page _hosting_ service baseportal is not exactly what you need - baseportal is a free _database_ web service. It probably could fulfill your needs since every good website bases on a database nowadays - so you should learn how to deal with baseportal in the "Easy Start":

      Hope that helps ;-)
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