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    Message from moshe flam on 5/4 2003, 21:25 +02:00
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    why is it free? what do you get from this?

      how is this service free?

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    Message from xandria_poet on 5/5 2003, 02:18 +00:00
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      Hi this is my first base portal some i a little confused as to why i have an error on a page i created would because i mised a step. and when I press the submitt button the page flips back to the origanal.

      Also, how do I use the Email, Link and radio feilds.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 5/6 2003, 00:04 +01:00

    Re: everything

      Maybe in this case it would be the best to start all over again (I guess you mean the "Easy Start" where you skipped a step, right?). You could create another account for this if you like...

      > Also, how do I use the Email, Link and radio feilds.

      Just try ;-) Add them to your database and see how they work ;-)
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