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    Message from Qasem Alsaleh on 5/18 2003, 21:39 +03:00

    How to get the Sum of data from a field ?

      I am very new to Perl. My question (which might be a very simple one) is: I want to get the Sum of data from a field named (CME\ Points). The data is the result of a search process in the database. So, how to get the Sum of the data from that particular field (a column in the database)?
      Thanks in advance..

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    Message from Charlie on 5/18 2003, 19:27 +00:00
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      Well, first off, I want to say, BASEPORTAL ROCKS AND KICKS BUTT!

      Second, visit my website guys!

      Third, I have a question. I have an image database on my site where people can submit images, but I want users to be able to comment on them and the comments will show up after they post them. Is this possible and how could I do it? Thanks!

      - Charlie

      i @/\/\ @ l337 h@x0r! h@rh@rh@r!!!!!!111 i r0x ur b0x! i r|_|L3! ph3@r m@h l337 p|xeII/\/g skIllz!!!!11111 r@wr!!!!!11111
      Note: The above is a JOKE, I'm not a hacker, haha
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 5/21 2003, 20:22 +01:00

    Re: Comments

      First: Thanx ;-)

      Third: This sounds a bit more complex. How do you manage your image database right now? With baseportal? If so, did you checked the "guestbook" entry in the library? Basically you need a second database which holds the user comments, but you'll need some perl coding here I suppose...
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    Message from Charlie on 5/25 2003, 14:33 +00:00

    Re: Comments

      Wow *.* that does sound complex. I thought I remembered seeing that you could do it with CGI, but the problem is that I'd have to add the CGI code to every post. However, if there was a way to do it, I could simply have the CGI code added to the end of their posts and that would give people the ability to comment. So anyways, how could I have the CGI code automatically added to the end of their post?

      And thank you :)
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 5/27 2003, 20:19 +01:00

    Re: Comments

      Well its not really CGI its Perl ;-)

      What you have to do is add Perl code to your template which handles the comments of your users. Right now I'm very busy but I hope I'll find the time the next days to give you an example how it should work...
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