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    Message from Chad on 5/28 2003, 16:32 +00:00

    Error when creating a new page

      [ Error: ]

      [ Error: Permission denied to read /creon1975/testing ]

      [ Error: Unable to open /usr/local/httpd/baseportal_NOACCESS/creon1975/testing ]

      [ Error: Unable to lock /creon1975/testing ]

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    Message from Gerhard on 5/29 2003, 16:27 -04:00

    Password protection

      Please advise the advantages of registering BasePortal.
      I would also like to know if it would be possible to restrict subscribers from entering data without a password. The idea is to create a database where subscribers have to first pay a fee, before entering the data.On receiving confirmation of payment from our Credit Card Merchant, we would send a password authorizing data entry.
      Also, are there improved searching facilities in the registered version?.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 6/3 2003, 15:48 +01:00

    Re: Password protection

      There are some advantages of the purchase version:

       - you can run it on your own server
       - ...with your own domain name
       - you can create, upload and download archives
       - automated backups
       - easy file upload with a new field
       - send mails
       - full text retrieval
       - cookies
       - ...and more

      You can prevent users from entering data under "database / management". Then you can use the examples from the library to create an individual password protection...
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