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    Message from A. Hassan on 6/9 2003, 08:51 +00:00

    Building a web database with balanced trees

      I want to create a web site that is linked to hundredth of thousandth of records.I thought that it will consist of 3 layers:the interface with ASP, the balanced tree , and my database with sqlserver.
      I need to know in what language should I build the balanced trees, and how can I link them to the other 2 layers.
      With all my thanks,
                      A. Hassan

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    Message from richard harris on 6/11 2003, 10:09 -06:00
    EMail: richard_harris_69

    The Next Step

      on the easy start page:
      1. you create your account(done)
      2. create a new database (done)
      3. enter all fields and submit
      4. Heres the problem: Click on "Next step" (at the bottom of the page)
      There is not a Next Step button at the bottom of the page.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 6/12 2003, 14:01 +01:00

    Re: The Next Step

      I just tried it and it works - there is a "Next step: Design" at the bottom of the page...

      You probably have to scroll down to see it, have you done this?
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