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    Message from Becky Cousineau on 6/16 2003, 01:12 -05:00


      Someone went in and removed about 95% of my database, who do I talk to about getting a back up of it?

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    Message from edu on 6/17 2003, 03:18 +00:00
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    database output options

      how can i chage the color text and color background of differents colums of my database?

      and is possible in a data-munber colum to remark highs values and lows values ?

      thanks and great service
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 6/17 2003, 13:26 +01:00

    Re: database output options

      With <loop>...</loop> you can define the output of your database like you want, i.g.

      <loop db=yourdatabase>
      <b>$Name</b> - $Age<br>

      You could use code as well:

      <loop db=yourdatabase code=perl>
      out "$Name - ";
      if($Money<0) { out '<span style="color:red">'.$Money.'</span'; } else { out $Money }
      out "<br>";

      Please take a look at the documentation:


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