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    Message from Gerhard on 6/17 2003, 15:33 -03:00
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    Rental or Purchase Versions

      How can I register for the Rental or Purchase version? I need the full searching capability as well as the uploading pictures features enabled.

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    Message from Neya on 6/19 2003, 21:45 +00:00
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      I have assigned each of my database entries an ID number ie: M001 of F001. However, I tried sorting by number and by text and neither put them in the appropriate order. Can this be fixed?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 6/23 2003, 00:12 +01:00

    Re: Sorting

      If you have characters in the data you need sorting by "Text". This should work - do you have a link to your page where I can see what happens and what doesn't work?
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    Message from Yets on 6/25 2003, 13:17 +00:00
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    Double query


      I just made my database on baseport. I used a lot of records and found out it was possible.
      My database is a collectors database of vinyl records.
      The first field is "artist" this field has the search function. But because of a lot of the same records I would like a second search function for the LP number to be more specific. Can this be done? and how if possible.

      Great stuf, Baseportal !

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 6/26 2003, 09:16 +01:00

    Re: Double query - sure...

      ...its possible ;-)

      Just select a type of sorting (probably "Number") for the field "LP number". When you click on "Search" you'll get 2 search fields for "artist" and "LP number"...
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