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    Message from krauth on 6/26 2003, 10:30 +00:00

    date field

      i try to get a datefield working
      it has the parameters:

      Input=Day0.Monat0.Year, Hour:Minute, Output=Day0/MonthShort/Year2 Hour:Minute, Timezone=+10:00, Time=User input

      and i do the standard thing to show and manage data:

      <do action=all range^=0,20 pagebrowse=bottom buttonbrowse=bottom listtype=list listfields=when,what,where input=link>

      but the new dialog does not give me any month for input... it is kind of broken... it just does not apier... wierd...

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    Message from Yets on 6/26 2003, 14:10 +01:00

    Re: Message board

      BTW If I usr the search function in your bord, I get an internal server error.
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    Message from Yets on 7/2 2003, 13:41 +00:00

    Re: Message board

      Hallo Chris,

      Would you be so kind to answer my question or is it too stupid to answer it :-)
      I guess its a minor problem but I did not dare to change some code

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 7/9 2003, 20:33 +01:00

    Re: Message board - sorry...

      I've overlooked your post...

      Please delete your existing message board and copy the one from the library again - there was a bug in the origin one... Now it should work (hopefully) ,-)
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