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    Message from James Melvin on 1/9 2003, 08:06 +00:00
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    More on password protect

      First of all, What you've done here is fantastic.
      It really got my ass out of a sling.

      Anyway, I'd like to password protect my database and allow the users to only view and search records. Not add to them. Is there a way yet?


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    Message from Anna on 1/12 2003, 22:33 +01:00

    Lost database!?

      I made something wrong when I was making some changes in my database.
      Now I have the following error message on my page:

      [ Error: Permission denied to read /fN_sept03/main ]
      [ Error: Unable to open /usr/local/httpd/baseportal_NOACCESS/fN_sept03/main ]
      [ Error: Unable to lock /fN_sept03/main ]

      Is there a possibility to find the database again? I had 47 entries from 47 different people ...
      Please can you help me!
      Best regards
      /Anna Hänninger, Sweden
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/14 2003, 17:32 +01:00

    Re: Lost database!?

      Looks like you chose a wrong user name. Is "fN_sept03" your user name here at baseportal?

      If yes, could you post the template code?
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